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Our cards

Sustainability and transparency is at the core of Mean Mail. Each Mean Mail is made using FSC certified or recycled materials and packaged using a card clasp, completely cello free.


I’m a big believer that if you’re going to create something, you need to do it in the the most ethical, environmentally conscious and sustainable way possible.

Eco credentials aren’t a nice to have or a marketing tactic - they’re compulsory. In a world of so much stuff, if you’re adding to it you need to ensure whatever you produce can be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of its life.


the hot foil press


Mean Mail started off being printed by hand on a reconditioned hot foil press. This is a time and labour intensive process but allows us to print small print runs. Once we know a design is popular, we send it on to an external printer to be printed on a larger scale.  

Since February 2019 we've worked with an eco conscious printer not too far from London.        I visited their factory in person to check out their set up (I would advise anyone to do this if possible when looking to work with a new supplier). They take their sustainable and ethical practices very seriously - from only using paper and card stock from FSC certified or recycled sources right down to the way they operate (to heat the factory in the winter they compress waste paper product into bales to fire the furnace). 


Mean Mail embossed envelope


Since the early days we’ve used biodegradable and compostable cellos where possible but over the last few months we’ve gone one step better. Now all Mean Mails are held together with a card clasp - a small sticker that wraps around, is easy to peel off and leaves no marks. All orders from have been going out like this for a while now.

With all our stockists - we’re giving them the opportunity to choose either card clasps or biodegradable cellos when they order. Some shops still need a bit of extra protection as customers love to handle their products. 


Mean Mail card clasps